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The Corporate Big Picture

The desired destiny of every business organization, big or small, is performance excellence. Every employer wishes that it were possible to put employees on the autopilot mode of productivity. The biggest question is: how can we achieve the highest level of engagement in our staff?

Yet we have observed people in auto pilot mode when they have engaged in activities they have passion for. People obsessed with certain activities like sports or music can spend an endless amount of time and energy doing what they love. This is because in such activities and moments they are fully engaged in doing something they have chosen to love – they are passionate. They are in-spirit. At #RebrandingMinds we prefer to look at an organization’s products and services like ‘vaccines’ critical in addressing the challenges facing humanity. People need these ‘vaccines’ to make their lives better. This means that if the employees are not passionate about sharing the ‘vaccines’ as selflessly as possible, they are denying humanity a chance to live better. The focus of all our programs is to complement an organization’s efforts in deepening employee engagement helping staff to achieve the following Mindshift:

The Big Question

Why is the majority employees not intimately connected to their organization? Who is the problem? Is it the environment, leadership, culture, remuneration, nature of work, level of education, management or lack of skills?

The Real Answer

The number one reason employees underperform at the workplace is due to the mentality that they are ‘working for the employer’. It’s a mindset issue more than anything else; an attitude where some employees behave as if they are working under a ‘court order’. This is a belief system that breeds irresponsibility, lack of accountability, casualness, low self-drive and lack of team cohesion. This compliant mindset does the bare minimum leading to under productivity. Isn’t it just like a tree that is loosely connected to the ground? Would it flourish? What would it’s future look like? For lack of proper connection to the environment that is supposed to support its very life, the tree would eventually wither away and die. So too is an employee who is not mentally firmly ‘planted’ in the organization. What drives this mentality in most employees? It’s largely a socialization issue and it can be changed. The mindset can be rebranded to help employees nurture the mentality of service consultants and become the CEO of Own Career and Life Destiny.

Our Key Differentiator

Many employees do not like trainings and view them as boring and a waste of time. Why? This is because many of us consultants are still training instead of engaged people in shared learning.
Our ACEL (Animated and Conversational Experiential Learning) embraces a learning with fun environment where ‘irons sharpens iron’. We use simple ideas and illustrations that have deep meanings in life so as to help shift mindsets effectively. ... It is really a ‘dialogue in pictures’ we know the mind works best in pictures and a good picture is worth 1000 words.
ACEL incorporates five things:
  1. Developing a credible, inspiring and transformational message
  2. Extensive use of relevant visuals to complement the learning
  3. Engaging the audience in a way that ensures learning with fun
  4. Delivering with passionate excellence
  5. Getting feedback for continuous growth

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others-Mahatma Gandhi
"Everybody can be great because anybody can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by LOVE…" ~ Martin Luther King Jnr.

The Rebranded Mind

We help employees to move from self-limiting beliefs, old habits, complacency, status quo and traditions that hinder personal and team efficacy to a state of higher self awareness driven by commitment, self drive and personal accountability.This mind shift is as demonstrated below:

Old Paradigm

Earning a salary
Working for the employer
Accountable to my CEO/Boss
Waiting for motivation from the company
Ordinary Performance
'Hands on the job'
Work Compliance

New Paradigm

Earning Life
Working for ME
CEO of my professional Destiny
Motivation from WITHIN ME
Legacy of Excellence
'Hearts on the job'
Work Commitment
Stay Ahead of the pack
Stay ahead of the pack


Helping Employees to take charge of own career destiny

Winning is an attitude that is propelled by the desire to be different. There can be no winning where there is no intimacy to the goal.
Stay Ahead of the pack
Redesign your life


Helping people to BE in order to DO.

By helping people to surrender what they are for what they can be, we can create more growth for all of us. When we discover the power of being, we transform our doing.
Stay Ahead of the pack
Stay in the game


Unlocking Human Potential and Facilitating Growth

The seed can only realize the tree hidden in it through persistent connection to the ground. A culture of deep engagement will facilitate long term growth and prosperity to an organization.
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Stay tuned


Living with a personal mission at the workplace

The stronger the WHY of doing something the easier the HOW of achieving it. A personal mission ignites the drive necessary to maintain engagement.
Stay Ahead of the pack
paradigm shift

Rebranding Minds

Creating a new normal in employee engagement

Our results in life are not based on the reality but our perception of the reality. When our perceptions of reality change, our results also change.