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The number one cause of employee disengagement is the mindset of ‘I am working for my employer or my boss’. With this mindset the level of emotional engagement is minimal resulting in little self-drive and hence minimal productivity. And like a car with a flat battery you have to keep jump starting it every time you want results. This is how motivation works; it’s short term!

Inspiration occurs when one is driven by an inner power of self-awareness through a clear understanding of the purpose or bigger calling regarding one’s responsibility. Inspiration thus means connected to or being pulled by the spirit (in-spirit). Therefore, whilst motivation is dependent on the external push, which is both limited and oftentimes beyond one’s control, inspiration has the unlimited ‘spiritual’ pull which, if aroused, can be everlasting.

Motivation isn’t sustainable in the long run as it depends on external circumstances that may be beyond human control, inspiration is sustainable as it depends on inner power that is purpose driven.

This is the massive #RebrandingMinds transformation that Inspired Personal Productivity 5.0 (IPP 5.0) brings to people and organizations to differentiate them from competition and win more business.

The Inspirational modules :

Life Wheel

Investing in Your Seed of Greatness

Unlocking Your True Potential This module inspires people to appreciate the greatness within and how to productively channel it both at the workplace and in life.
It uses simple and practical life analogies and illustrations to graphically demonstrate human greatness:
  • A grain of maize if prudently invested over time, develops into a forest of maize
  • A fertile chicken egg eventually transforms into a poultry farm
  • Similarly, every employee possesses the capacity for excellence

The Inspired Mind

Using Your Creative Power to Determine your Results in Life
This module helps learners to appreciate the creative power of the mind, as the primary source of human inspiration.
It shares insights into:
  • The human thought process
  • The creative power of the mind
  • The difference between motivation and inspiration
  • Nurturing the mindset of greatness
  • How the mind determines results in life
Life Wheel

Living on a Mission(Purpose)

Living on a Mission This module helps employees to shift from output driven mode to mission driven mode
It shares insights into:
  • How to discover one’s work and life sacred mission
  • Principles of living out one’s purpose
  • Identifying one’s Core Working Values (CWVs)
  • Crafting a Personal Mission Statement (PMS)
  • Daily practical steps to live out the mission
Life Wheel

The Inspired Engagement

This practical Mindshift module guides learners on how to ‘bring to live’ their mission. It shares insights into:
  • The Greatest Investment in Life
  • The principle of alignment and connection
  • The heart of career and work fulfilment
  • The process of human transformation
  • The Inspired Service Shift
  • Becoming the CEO of Own Destiny
Life Wheel

The Inspired Focus

The Power of Direction
The greatest threat to human productivity in the 21st Century is distractions. Great achievers have super focus and have learnt to protect their super power from unnecessary distractions. This ‘staying the course’ module focuses on:
  • Setting Inspired Goals
  • Personal Strategic Plan (PSP)
  • Managing Distractions
Life Wheel

Emotional Investment

The Greatest Skill in the 21st Century
This is the most important skill for human productivity in the 21st Century It shares insights into:
  • Understanding Emotions and their Source
  • Emotions and Self Leadership
  • How Emotions Affect Productivity
  • Aligning Emotions to Objectives
  • Emotions and Relationships
  • Living in Emotional Awareness
Subsequent to this inspirational learning we expect the following benefits to be realized:
  • A sense of mission and purpose at the workplace leading to a stronger sense of belonging.
  • Employees who are driven by a personal mission and hence are more engaged.
  • Personal ownership and accountability for results leading to better productivity.
  • Increased employee retention and less training costs.
  • A service focused culture of uplifting lives leading to increased customer retention.
  • Enhanced innovation & creativity in addressing work and life challenges.
  • Better work-life balance – working less to achieve more.
  • Loyal and proud brand ambassadors.
  • Sustainable financial performance resulting in increased shareholder value.
  • Long term business growth.
Our inspiring Animated & Conversational Experiential Learning (ACEL) model incorporates:
  • Shared learning and conversational approach.
  • Clearly stating the personal WHY (“What’s in it for me”) for the learners.
  • Learner centered activities and knowledge shared in a safe environment.
  • Interactions and sharing of opinions, perspectives and experiences.
  • Stimulating participants’ thinking and learning by allowing them to discover information.
  • Inspirational Learning - energizers, music, short videos, case studies and role plays.
  • Appreciating diverse people culture.

Our Process of Engagement

We know that a misdiagnosis leads to the wrong prescription, and are keen to ensure:
  • Effective establishment of learning needs and creation of inception report.
  • Mutual planning and implementation of the programme.
  • Customization of the learning programme.
  • Inspired Learning with fun.
  • Effective evaluation by the learners.
  • Post training report within a week.
  • Post training evaluation within six months.
Life Wheel

The Voyage (The Journey)

This module dwells on how to keep within course of the Rebranded Mind through:
  • Personal Inspiration
  • Pursuit of Authentic Knowledge
  • Maintaining Self Discipline
  • Eective Time Management
  • Nurturing Moral Intelligence