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Selling is the new global language. The primary driver or strategy of every business ought to be sales and marketing. Unfortunately, many organizations business strategies give 90% focus on the product and only 10% focus on sales and marketing. They are still using 20th Century skills in a 21st Century business environment. This is a grave mistake since it ought to be the reverse.

Transformational Sales Advantage 3.0 (TSA 3.0) is about Mindset Selling, a shift from the 20th Century Motivational Selling to 21st Century Inspirational Selling. It acknowledges that people don’t buy what you do but what your beliefs. Selling in the 21st Century must be purpose and mission driven and not product driven.

The what you do must be replaced by the why you do it. This is a shift from motivational selling to inspirational selling.

TSA 3.0 aims at achieving the following mind shift.